About Address System - Reward your clients


Address System was founded in 1980 as a provider of printing, data entry and invoicing services.

As early as 1989 we managed the fulfilment of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) campaigns. We devised incentive and reward programs for clients like Coca-Cola and Stella Artois (AB Inbev group). We also provided warehousing and logistics services.

The focus was gradually shifted to IT based solutions for incentive and reward programs. Database management, data profiling and data enrichment became core activities.

As online kept growing, we focused on developing online incentive and reward solutions for multinational companies and famous brands.

Currently 80% of our employees belong to the digital team of our company, which shows our shift from logistics to IT. And 60% of our employees have a Bachelor or Master of Science degree.

Address System is a member of Vlaams Innovatiecentrum voor Grafische Communicatie, the Belgian Association of Marketing and ETION.