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Photo money by Imelda on Unsplash Quality paves the road to successful cashback campaigns - In Europe, borders are a thing of the past. So, when running cashback campaigns in several countries, how do you prevent consumers from claiming their benefits in several countries at the same time? Recently we got this question from one of our multinational clients. In our product level campaign reports they had noticed that the… Read More
Transparency and campaign monitoring - So, let’s assume you want to run a marketing campaign but you do not have the infrastructure, staff and customized software to run the campaign. That means that you will have to outsource the management part of your marketing campaign. Or decide to build the software, buy the warehouse and hire and train the staff.… Read More
Brands lag behind in loyalty programs - A mystery shopping study by Astound finds that brands lag behind specialty retailers in almost all aspects of the commerce experience, including loyalty programs. The recent study compared the desktop, mobile, and in-store experiences of 50 specialty retailers and 50 global brands. To maintain a loyal customer base, fast delivery options and strong benefit programs… Read More
Loyalty programs rule in Belgium - According to the Cognizant shoppers survey in six European countries, the Belgians are still very fond of their loyalty programs. Price is the most important factor in the buying process, but Belgian shoppers aren’t as price sensitive as some other European citizens. Even if they know their favourite item is available for a lower price elsewhere, 42%… Read More