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Cash refund programs are effective marketing tools to increase turnover, build brand loyalty or turn prospects into customers.


But the financial fulfilment of cash refund programs can have a considerable impact on the image of your brand. Customers have high expectations and do not like to wait. Poor handling of your cash refund campaign may backfire and damage your brand.


Address System guarantees that your customers will receive their cash refunds within the agreed time limits. As we handle your money, we understand that transparency, accountability and proper procedures are key words.

Cash Refund Programs

We can handle your cash refund campaigns either ‘satisfied or your money back’ or ‘cash back discount on purchase’ or ‘full cash back on your trial purchase’), both online or offline.


The refund can be handled as you wish, by money transfer to the customer’s bank account or the sending of cheques or e-vouchers. Or any other way that you desire, simply contact us for a proposal.


Address System has the people and systems in place to handle your cash refund campaigns. Transparent, efficient and with clear financial reporting.


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AEG Zalando E-vouchers Cashback

For the AEG brand of Electrolux we handle several cashback campaigns.

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Henkel Handy Deals Cashback

For the Henkel Adhesive brands Pattex, Perfax, Rubson and Loctite we handle several cashback campaigns.

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AEG Vacuum Cleaners “Satisfied or your money back”

For AEG Vacuum Cleaners we handle the “Satisfied or your money back” campaign.

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