Online Campaign Monitoring Marketing Campaign Transparency

Transparency and campaign monitoring

So, let’s assume you want to run a marketing campaign but you do not have the infrastructure, staff and customized software to run the campaign. That means that you will have to outsource the management part of your marketing campaign. Or decide to build the software, buy the warehouse and hire and train the staff.

Outsourcing is easier. But how do you know if your campaign is handled in the right way? After all, you are running this campaign to increase customer loyalty. And poor handling of your marketing campaign can have the opposite result. Or even damage your brand by negative comments, shared on social media. So, you’ll want transparency and remote campaign monitoring.

Apart from campaign management information, the big picture, you want to be able to drill down on every single consumer who takes part in your campaign. You want to know when they took part, what they purchased, where they live and how fast their request (refund, gift, contest prize) was handled. And if there was a problem with their proof of purchase, you want to see the original document that they sent in.

Complete transparency, that is what you want.

And that is why we have online customer portals, where you can log in and search for individual customers who take part in your marketing campaign. We use two factor authentication for the login process, as data security and privacy is very important to us.

After logging in and searching on the consumer’s details, for instance a part of an email address, a list with search results is displayed.

Clicking on a name in the list reveals the details of the consumer’s participation in the marketing campaign, including  a copy of the proof of purchase.

For privacy reasons, we have blurred the consumer’s details, but you get the picture.

This tool is very convenient for your in-house customer service staff, as they can look up the details immediately as soon as they receive a consumer complaint originating from an outsourced marketing campaign. Besides, you can constantly monitor the quality of service of your supplier.