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We are the fulfilment partner of choice for brands like AEG, Becel, Bertolli, Dixan, Eternit, FrieslandCampina, Henkel, Iglo Ola, Knorr, Lidl, Lipton, Mercedes Benz, Meurisse, Pairi Daiza, Persil, Solo and Zwan.

Address System handles the full range of fulfilment services. Stock management of your promotional products, handling your customer databases, fast shipping, transparent reporting… you name it!

We also handle your cash refunds, social media promotions, loyalty programs, incentive programs, distribution of product samples…

Marketing Fulfilment

Marketing Fulfilment is the back end of your marketing campaign. The image of your company or brand is strongly influenced by the way the fulfilment of your marketing campaign is handled.  And shared on social media.

Zero Fault Fulfilment

That is why we are very serious about providing the experience that your customers expect. We have the systems, procedures and mind set for zero fault fulfilment.

Customer Centric Approach

We know that you are busy. So we make sure that you have a dedicated account manager who knows the ins & outs of your projects. He is responsible for delivering the service level, quality, speed and clear reporting that you can expect from us.


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Becel Pro-Activ Starterkits Fulfilment

For Unilever we handle the response of the Becel Pro-Activ campaign and the shipping of the personalized BPA packages.

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Electrolux Cookbooks Fulfilment

For Electrolux we handle the shipping of cookbooks for Electrolux customers who have purchased Electrolux cooking equipment.

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Mercedes Benz Brochures Fulfilment

For Mercedes Benz we handle the fulfilment of online requests for Mercedes Benz luxury car brochures.

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